Bollinbrook Brownies Saved from Closure

montarge-of-photosA Brownie unit from Bollinbrook which is located on the Cheshire Boarder has avoided closure on the unit. The unit was originally ran by one leader who was supported by two young leaders and also a parents rota. The Brownie unit was near enough at its end of their journey due to the one leader having to many responsibilities to take on. The leader of the unit was managing the units admin, program planning and had to lead each of the brownies meetings in order for the unit to keep at it’s best and to remain open. The leader of the unit came to a decision where if she didn’t get anymore support throughout the unit then she would unfortunately leave and close down the brownie unit in Bollinbrook. She requested an extra two more adult volunteers which would then allow her to keep the unit open.

Brownies from the unit made drawings to advertise the unit, CYU’s where also designed, printed and distributed leaflets, posters and banners through the local community to get their word across to the public. The unit also advertised the roles that they was in need of on the ‘Do-It’ website and through local online networks. The result of the unit doing the advertising resulted in three extra volunteers who were sourced through various channels, this means that the leader is now able to distribute the responsibilities among all volunteers which has elevated pressures off the original leader. These results have impacted the unit as the leader decided not to close down the unit which means the Bollinbrook Brownies are now able to participate in the activities they all enjoy.