CYU first Careers Event “Preparing for and delivering a spectacular interview”

DSC_0062This October, Crewe Alex Stadium saw the first Cheshire Youth United careers event, ‘Preparing for and delivering a spectacular interview’.
The event, the first in what we hope will be a series of career events, was designed to introduce young people, specifically from uniformed organisations, to key employers from the local area. Young people were given the chance to meet businesses and ask about opportunities they had available and to work along side employers to practice interviewing techniques in a ‘speed interview’ format and to explore how their experience as a young person has helped them develop key skills that are at the top of an interviewers check list.

Young people who attended the event said…
“I Had no idea what an interview was like so it gave me an amazing chance.”
“Improved my confidence extremely and has gotten me a place for work experience.”

Organisations who supported the event said…
“An excellent event that gave young people a great chance to explore their future career goals.”
“I felt that I was able to contribute to support the cadets in developing themselves for the future”